I have worked with Dave for over 30 years on multiple projects. He worked on my team as a full-time department manager for 20 years, and as an independent creative art director for the past ten. Dave is extremely talented and dependable as a team leader and independent thinker, having executed on-target award-winning campaigns that met the client’s goals and objectives to produce results. Regardless of the challenge, his creativity in all forms of media from video and digital to print and out-of-home is unsurpassed. The saying “when there’s a will there’s a way” fits Dave’s style and commitment to every project, and the team he’s working with, no matter how big or small.

Brenda Shawley
Business & Marketing Consultant
Ex-President, Strategix/Noblesteed (SNS Marketing)

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I had the opportunity to work with Dave for over twenty years. He was instrumental in the growth of our agency. Over those years he demonstrated the ability to master all areas he was assigned, which were many. His dedication to his work and the agency was beyond any person I have ever encountered in my professional life.

Dave was respected and well liked by everyone he worked with. His demeanor was always appropriate regardless of the circumstances and he could be counted on to get the job done no matter what pressure he was under.

While he served as a Senior Art Director I would strongly recommend Dave for any position that involves creativity, mastery of specific skills, and being an integral part of a team.

I would be happy to provide further details if needed. Feel free to contact me at

Don Mahaney
CEO, SNS Marketing

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What’s so great about Dave Dobyski? Well, just about everything. As a Senior Art Director…great. As a big idea guy…great. As a team player/leader…great. As a humble human being, who has more talent than any one human being should be allowed…great, great, great. Seriously, Dave’s biggest talent is translating business strategy into creative execution that persuades and sells. He can attend a briefing session and come back with 5 ideas that make you agonize over which one NOT to produce. Certainly one of the most talented and brightest creative people I have had the pleasure to work with in my 30-plus years in marketing and advertising. I believe Dave has an invisible ego that he uses to propel his creative. Not sure, because I’ve never seen it surface or get in the way. SNS Marketing’s vision statement engages three key elements…Insight, Initiative and Collaboration. Mr. Dave continually scores an A++ on all three.”

Bob Maczis
Chief Creative Officer, SNS Marketing

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I’ve worked with graphic designers and art directors at every level in the advertising industry. None of them surpass Dave for his overall talent, ability to “get it” quickly, work ceaselessly and master production details. When he and I collaborate, I know I can count on him not only to come up with a range of ideas and tasty layouts that make a project sing, but to completely see every level of detail through to a happy ending. The result is a quality of work that is consistently of award-winning caliber, and that I am proud to show off. On top of all that, his easygoing nature and willingness to go the extra mile – or two or three or a hundred – for the sake of a job well done are priceless. He’s simply the best combination of talent, dedication and collaboration I’ve ever worked with.

Gerry Hanlon

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Dave Dobyski is truly one of a kind. He is an incredibly gifted Art Director and Graphic Designer with the ability to really listen and comprehend the marketing problem he needs to solve with his creative product. Dave is also a master at developing clever, meaningful headlines that pay off his fabulous creative ideas. His intensive research into the subject matter ultimately results in creative that is always on target, entertaining and successful. And, as a musician, Dave’s contributions to TV, radio and video soundtracks always hit the mark, whether he is composing original music himself or simply choosing needle-drop pieces. He can do it all.

The consummate Art Director, Dave always makes the process fun from beginning to end. You couldn’t ask for a better creative partner for your next project.

Holly Ballard
Vice President/Client Services

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Over the years that I have worked with Dave, he has consistently brought the ideal combination of creativity, insight and marketing savvy to the various projects on which we have collaborated. Dave has strong concepting and verbal skills. He regularly comes up with exceptional headlines and taglines, a trait not necessarily found in all art directors. Of course, his talents at bringing the printed page alive are superior. Dave always takes the initiative to go the extra mile. His attitude is easy-going and responsible, while his underlying passion for what he does assures that clients always get his absolute best effort.

Tom Daniel
President, Daniel Communications

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Daunting creative challenges are no match for Dave! His strategic insight into creative assignments made my job easy – he produces great creative that is on message and stands out. My clients loved the work, and I appreciated his thoughtful – and thorough – approach. Though his title is “AD,” more often than not, killer tags & headlines are his doing, along with the visuals to back them up. Collaborating, creating, presenting & executing with Dave was a pleasure!

Carolyn Kunhardt
Account Supervisor, SNS Marketing

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Dave has exceptional observational skills and is able to quickly visualize, translate, and build upon client requirements. He consistently produces unique ideas, innovative campaigns, and much more that exceed client expectations. He is a strategic creative thinker and an all around great person to work with. Dave is an asset to any company he works with.

Ruth Anne Pippenger
Senior Account Director, Creative Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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A true profesional artist. I’ve worked with many through my years in the marketing industry, and Dave is one that has impressed me most. He can be the adult in the room – when necessary. And, he can be the king of ideas – at that ‘clutch’ moment. Working with Dave was a priveledge and a joy. Dave really is a gifted individual.

Walt Rampata
Vice President, Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies, Inc.

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