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Looking to pay big administrative fees, sit through more meetings and put up with prima donna “creative types?” You’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re looking for marketing communications materials with sass and class by a pro equipped with twenty-plus years of ad agency smarts, call Dave Dobyski.

That’s me. I’ve been building digital campaigns that engage, inspire and sell. E-mail blasts, comprehensive websites, landing pages, the works. Print too – annual reports, brochures, ads, TV spots. There are no marketing communications vehicles I haven’t developed or can’t create for you. And I only work with people who are smart about communicating.

Best of all, in this era of limited attention spans, I’m a detail monster that you’ll love working with. Check out what some of my clients and colleague have to say about me here.

Take a look at my campaigns. Read what people have to say about me. Then get in touch when it makes sense. I’m out to make you look good every which way.